By Jesus de la Villa

This is a brand new and greater variation of an all-time vintage! the good news approximately endgames is that there are particularly few endings you want to be aware of by means of middle and that after you recognize those endings, that is it. Your wisdom by no means is going out of date!
The undesirable information is that, all of the comparable, the endgame means of such a lot gamers is poor. smooth time-controls make issues worse: there's easily no longer sufficient time to delve deep into the position.
Grandmaster Jesus de los angeles Villa debunks the parable that endgame idea is complicated and he teaches you to guide the sport right into a place you're acquainted with. This booklet comprises in simple terms these endgames that appear most often, are effortless to benefit and comprise rules which are necessary in additional tough positions.
Your functionality will enhance dramatically simply because this booklet brings you uncomplicated principles, specific and full of life motives, many diagrams, transparent summaries of an important issues and dozens of tests.

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Sacrifices in the Sicilian

The Sicilian safeguard is the main intriguing of all chess openings and the most well-liked in any respect degrees of play. The attacking and tactical chances of the Sicilian are a variety of. there are various sacrificial principles that ensue many times within the Sicilian, and it's the job of this booklet to explain and research them.

Understanding the Leningrad Dutch

The Leningrad process of the Dutch security is an engaging hybrid of the Dutch and the King's Indian. for a few years, it was once considered with a few suspicion in view of the moderate positional weaknesses created in Black's place. despite the fact that, within the Nineteen Eighties dynamic new methods have been brought via such gamers as Sergei Dolmatov, Evgeny Bareev, Mikhail Gurevich and particularly Vladimir Malaniuk.

Can You Be a Tactical Chess Genius?

How does th e-book works?
This form of ebook is simply to maintain match attempting to unravel the matter. this is helping for strains calculation. . that will increase ability, resolved chess puzzles

About the puzzle there are all point, each textual content has 15 puzzle, expanding the dificult. Accourding your research its gave points.

There are great diagram and great caliber paper.

About th author?
Not recognized, yet is a sturdy participant, within the booklet are few video games opposed to Miles and brief that he received with tactical hit.

Beginer participant attempt to locate the strikes, no matter if your scored now not too many issues, try and remenber the strikes accourding the strategy, no longer memorized. and also you may well get pleasure from this item.

Intermediate participant or higther. .. simply opt for it. try and get to the bottom of puzzles what number you could and revel in it.

Exchanging to Win in the Endgame (Macmillan Chess Library)

Endgames continually glance relatively effortless to play as a result relief within the variety of items at the board. however the thoughts required are very diversified from these wanted within the middlegame, and particularly a lot suggestion has to be given as to whether or to not trade off convinced items. in lots of circumstances, selecting the best trade could be the profitable movement in itself.

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Nada mejor entonces que empezar con el momento clave del reciente torneo de Linares; del que fui testigo directo en la Sala de Prensa, disfrutando, entre otros, de los comentarios del GM yugoslavo Ljubomir Ljubojevic, siempre tan vivaces; "Ljubo" está casado con una linarense y está radicado desde hace muchos años en el pueblo andaluz; en el momento de jugarse esta partida, en la penúltima ronda, el Campeón Mundial Ruslan Ponomariov, de Ucrania, y el mejor ajedrecista del mundo, el ruso Gary Kaspárov compartían sorprendentemente el primer lugar y se jugaban muchas cosas, a Kaspárov sólo le valía la victoria, pues un empate mantendría las cosas en su sitio, a falta de una ronda, pero con el sistema de desempate favorable al ucraniano.

Axf6! Cc4! Cxd4? d5! [Las blancas han logrado deteriorar la formación negra, y con este excelente sacrificio de peón toman la iniciativa, es interesante el comentario de Kaspárov al respecto: “... Si yo hubiera jugado con las blancas, posiblemente hubiese ofrecido este peón. b3! Rh8? Ce7!? Dxb5 con sólo una ligera ventaja blanca. Td8?! Dxb7?? Tc8! h4? Txc8! Txf7, etc. ] 1–0 Alexander Khalifman, 14º Campeón del Mundo Alexander Valerievich Khalifman “Nunca da la sensación de estar “cumpliendo una misión en la vida”.

Axe4 f6? Cg6! hxg6? Cbd7? Cxc6! Af4 a6! Db3 Cc6 [Amenaza Cc6-a5]. Cxd5 Cxd4! h3? Ag5! Rh2 Ch5! [Para expandirse con f5, y ganar espacio también en el ala Rey; el problema de dejar débil “e5” es inexistente pues no puede aprovecharse. Dd1 b4! Cb1 Ab5! Tg1 Ad6! e4 fxe4! Tce1 h6! [Una modesta jugada que enfatiza el Zugzwang del blanco, ¡con un tablero casi completo! a3 a5! h4 Rg8, y se acaban las jugadas blancas. Una posición única] 0–1 Alexander Morozevich venció en el Torneo "Amber" El GM ruso Alexander Morozevich, debutante en el torneo, se impuso en la XI edición del torneo “Amber”, que se realiza anualmente en Mónaco, con 15 puntos de 22 posibles.

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