By Art Wetherell

This time-hopping sequence chronicles the naughty rompings of monumentally stacked English women, as they fulfill each other in a Sapphic frenzy in the course of the a while!

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This difference stems from the flaunted taste of romantic-era illustrators for “primitive” forms of expression including graffiti, children’s drawings, caricature, Gothic illumination, and the grotesque. More than any other single factor that arose in the seventy years separating Hogarth’s death from Töpffer’s first albums, the attention paid to naïve and archaic forms of drawing changed the tonality of humoristic illustration (Gombrich 2006). In the orchestra of styles, this new register would take on considerable importance: it had the great merit of highlighting all that was artificial and pompously academic in other visual languages.

By pulling this thread, one can unravel an entire chapter of the history of comics and rewrite it so that the foundational myth of the invention of comics by Rodolphe Töpffer is turned on its head. The first three images of the adventure are not isolated but are placed under two enigmatic vignettes. ” In the image next to it, we find the same protagonists in an inverted position. ” The presence of these two vignettes on the first page of the story of Mr. Vieux Bois is n ot accidental. We are watching, here, the start of a half-scholarly, half-whimsical discussion on the semiotics of body language, inspired by the seminal reference work of the era: Johann Jakob Engel’s Ideen zu einer Mimik (1785).

Cryptogame hides an ironic allusion to the most famous passage of Baron d’Holbach’s Système de la Nature (1770). Using the image of a whirlwind (in which the smallest molecule will obey the rational laws of mechanics), the encyclopedist maintains that science can explain even the most chaotic elements of nature—including social turbulence. Töpffer ridicules the rigid linking of causes to effects on which this materialistic and deterministic conception is founded. Here again, the language of progressive action reveals itself as the most apt to represent the thought and rhetoric of progress in all their absurdity.

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2 Hot Girls On A Hot Summer Night (Eros Graphic Novel Series by Art Wetherell
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