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A) Determine the frequency ratio of the two sounds . What is the musical interval? b) How long is this pipe when it is open and when it is closed? Problem 135. 5 m. Find the possible values of the wavelength . Problem 136. During an earthquake the ground is observed to move horizontally. First it moves suddenly 5 e m to the right, then after 1 second it moves sudden ly to the left by 5 cm. A chandelier hangs on a 4m long cord . Find the amplitude of the chandelier after the earthquake. Problem 137.

6 , g = 10 Ill /5 . m1 Problem 119. Dl:scribe the moti o n of the syste m show n in the fi gure. The codlicient o r rri cti o n between the board o r mass n I l and the tabk is /'1 , whil e the cOl: Oici ent o f rri cti on bet wel: n the board and the brick of mass 111 '2 is /i 2 . (The coe nicient s or static and kineti c rricti on are the same. ) Data: Inl = 2 kg, 111 2 = 2 kg. 35 . Problem 120. A hOlllogeneou s rull he mi sphere is suspended by a strin g at a poi nt on its edge is such a way th at it touches but does not push the ragged surface beneath it.

Neglect friction and air resistance. Problem 127. An axle is attached to a disk at its centre perpendicularly to the plane of the disc. Then two pieces of thread are wound round the two ends of the axle. The e nds of the threads are kept vertically and attached to the ceiling, while the disc is held at rest. Symmetrically to the disc two frictionless rings are placed on the axle, and two springs are attached to the rings . The other ends of the springs are fi xed to the ceiling so that they hang vertically.

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