By Melody Beattie

What will get within the approach of serenity? for many humans, the answer's LIFE--those daily distractions, duties, and frustrations that reason chaos and litter. In her new week-by-week guidebook, best-selling self-help writer Melody Bettie brings new wish to contributors longing to guide a extra serene lifestyles.

Organized as weekly collections of news, meditations, and recommendations, fifty two WEEKS OF wide awake touch addresses key self-care concerns, together with the right way to nurture internal peace, whilst to arrive out to others, how one can hold via on strong intentions, the place to find time for enjoyable, and the way to domesticate a deeper prayer existence. Beattie's considerate prose and useful suggestion supply new possibilities for mirrored image, confirmation, and alter.

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Experience how much easier it is not to act needy, not to speak bitterly, and not to look disgusted when you acknowledge those feelings. Value: We don’t just have a light side, a bright side. Nobody is always loving, always kind, always generous, always thoughtful. Honestly acknowledging our character defects is the value this week. a Day 2 b While we don’t want to act on our dark side, most of us do from time to time. Acknowledging that it’s there helps give us the power to neutralize it, change, and join the human race.

A woman asked me. “Maybe,” I said. It is easy to get embroiled in other people’s dramas. Isn’t it even easier to see what other people need to do to take care of themselves, rather than tend to our own affairs? That’s when we need to remember the basics of taking care of ourselves. These basics include comfortable living arrangements, enough sleep, proper nutrition and hygiene, social contact, fun or pleasure, taking responsibility for our own emotions, earning enough money to pay our bills, taking responsibility for our own goals and dreams, and saying no— sometimes to others and sometimes to our own impulses.

She wasn’t. She was lying there waiting for me to walk through the door. “I took off my coat. Asked her how she was doing. Said I had a nice night. ’ “I couldn’t believe what I heard. Don’t tell me it’s too late to do things differently. ” Putting values into action in our lives takes courage and hard work. Sometimes the little steps we take mean a lot. Value: The value this week is taking action to change the things we can. a Day 2 b “Remember the old Chinese handcuffs thing,” a friend reminds me when I get stuck doing the same thing over and over, even though whatever I’m doing doesn’t work.

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