By Sherman Hollar

Unusual via their hugely constructed psychological schools and their potential for cause, people are usually acknowledged to reign sovereign within the animal country. With their advanced interactions, difficult social buildings, and wide diversity of displayed feelings, notwithstanding, all creatures may be acknowledged to give a contribution uniquely to the planet and to the subsistence of all different beings. This colourful quantity surveys many of the contributors of the animal country and the conduct, behaviors, and actual features that unite and distinguish all animals.

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A simple ant farm can be made from two pieces of glass fitted into four sections of grooved wood and set on a wooden base. Fill the assembled farm twothirds full with soil found near an anthill. A colony must contain a queen and should also have eggs, larvae, pupae, and parasites, along with the other ants. Ants should be fed bits of ground beef, dead insects, bread crumbs, and watered honey. The cork or sponge stoppers should be kept moist; ants must have moisture. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

The simplest animals make up the phylum Porifera (“pore bearers”). The most familiar kinds are the sponges. They are called pore bearers because they are covered with millions of tiny pores, or openings. Sponges take in oxygen and the tiny waterborne organisms that constitute their food from the water that flows into the pores and then eject water that contains wastes through a separate, larger opening. Sponges have no mouth or digestive cavity, no nervous system, and no circulatory system. Several types of cells are present, but unlike the cells in more complex animals, each generally functions as a unit without forming tissues, as in more complex metazoans.

Fish Many animals that live in water are called fish. Perch, crayfish, cuttlefish, jellyfish, and even whales and dolphins all live in water. Yet, of these animals, only the perch is a true fish. Whales and dolphins are warm-blooded mammals. The others belong to the great group of animals without backbones, called invertebrates. A fish is a cold-blooded animal that has a backbone and lives in water and breathes by means of gills. It normally has two pairs of fins in place of arms and legs, as well as several other fins.

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