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With entries on every little thing from Manu to Gandhi and the Ramesvaram to the Himalayas, this can be a useful reference publication.

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Karma and Creativity (Suny Series in Religion)

"This publication offers with the Indian adventure of karma in a clean way--yet one that is in concord with the culture. Too frequently karma is just pushed aside by means of either Western and Indian readers as 'fate' or determinism. by means of stressing the 'creativity' element of karma, and tracing it from the RVeda throughout the Upanis, SamYogavasis and the Gita, a transparent imaginative and prescient of karma as non-deterministic is gifted.

Wisdom of the Ancient Seers: Mantras of the Rig Veda

This ebook stories the astronomical references within the Vedas and describes the geography of Sapta Saindhava, the unique domestic of the Indo- Aryans. This zone lay approximately among the Indus and the Ganga rivers, even though the outer edge of the Aryan international stretched the entire method to the steppes of crucial Asia, to the Caspian sea and the Oxus river.

Chinnamasta: The Aweful Buddhist & Hindu Tantric Goddess

This is often the 1st monograph which examines the infrequent Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess, Chinnamasta, her rituals, her names and types (namarupa) and their symbolism through evaluating and contrasting her sadhanas (spiritual practices) in Hinduism and Buddhism. the whole Hindu ''Chinnamastatantra'' part from the Sakta Pramoda, the Buddhist ''Chinnamunda Vajravarahisadhana'' and the ''Trikayavajrayoginistuti'' are translated for the 1st time into English.

Dharma: Hindu Approach to a Purposeful Life

Dharma is an old Hindu inspiration which serves as a origin from which the Hindu price process has developed. The e-book offers a point of view for either Hindus and others to boost a consider for this so much refined, but a unconditionally ingrained function that outline Hindu existence each day.

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Animals Hinduism assumes a difference only in degree, not in nature, between human and animal (and plant) life: humans can be reborn as animals, animals as humans or gods. Certain animals, such as the COW, enjoy an exceedingly high status. Among the divine AVATÄRAS there are several animals such as the tortoise, the fish, the boar, and the halfman half-lion NÄRASIMHA, who are represented in IMAGES and are worshipped. The most famous animal deity is HANUMAN, the leader of the troops of monkeys who helped Räma regain the abducted Sïtä.

Bhütas (‘spirits’, ‘ghosts’) Belief in bhütas is widespread in India and there are many ceremonies designed to free a person from their influence. (See also PRETA). Bhuvaæeÿvara (‘Lord of the earth’) Title of ŸIVA, name of famous temple city in Orissa with some of the largest Hindu temples such as the 11th-century Liögaräja temple. bhuvar, also Bhuvarloka The firmament, the middle region between earth and sky. bibhatsa (‘loathing’) One of the basic sentiments of Hindu aesthetics. It is used in a purely aesthetic sense, and indicates a strong emotional experience.

She was a prolific writer and also wrote an autobiography. Bhadrakälï (‘propitious Kälï’) Name of the goddess DURGÄ. Bhagavad-gïtä (‘Song of the Lord’) A famous philosophical and spiritual poem, often considered the epitome of Hinduism. A dialogue between KØÆŒA and ARJUNA, just before the beginning of the great Bhärata war, it forms chapters 23 to 40 of the Bhï•ma Parvan of Encyclo - Letter B 10/2/03 9:37 am Page 36 Bhägavata Puräæa 36 the Mahäbhärata. Much commented upon by hundreds of Indian authors since ŸA¢KARA (2) (eighth century) and translated into all major languages of the world, it is the best-known Hindu scripture worldwide.

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