By Karma Chagme

This handbook of Tibetan meditation easily and carefully offers the profound Dzogchen and Mahamudra structures of perform.

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An emaciated yogi spending years in remoted retreat cabins in chilly northern climes, frequently with no electrical energy or working water. .. advice to the United States s so much prestigious litigation company, hurtling around the skies in a leased jet to place out felony brushfires, with billions of bucks at stake. .. A reincarnate Lama swathed in maroon and gold gowns atop a throne of honor amidst millions of clergymen in an impressive temple within the distant Tibetan hinterland of Golog.

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Meditation has measurable effects on the pattern of electrical impulses flowing through the brain. Studies with an electroencephalograph (EEG) show that it boosts the intensity of the alpha waves associated with quiet, receptive states to levels not even seen during sleep. When practiced for an II Forms ofMeditation 59 11 extended period of time, meditation has been found to reduce oxygen consumption, slow the hean rate, and bring down blood pressure. Devotees of meditation often claim that it improves their memory and other mental abilities, protects them from disease, and reduces their use of alcohol and drugs.

Picture yourself as formulating the notes upon which you will later speak. ' II The Idea ofMerutltion The sequential method suggested above is a safe way for the beginner. There are others that will occur to the mind of the intelligent student. Whole worlds of thought are open over which the mind can range at will (note those words) provided they have a bearing upon the seed-thought and have a deftnite relation to the chosen idea upon which we seek to concentrate. It is obvious that each person will follow the bent of his own mind artistic, scientiftc or philosophical and for them that will be the line of least resistance.

1 ofMeditation 39 11 The mind is not permitted to falter in its concentration on their significance, meaning, and implications. 7. Then, with deliberation, bring the conc~ntration work to a close, and say again with the mind re-focused on the underlying ideas the following concluding statement: 'There is a peace that passeth understanding: it abides in the heans of those who live in the Eternal. ' This is definitely a beginner's meditation. It has several focal points in it where a re-collection process and are-focUsing method is employed.

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