By Urs P. Schlunegger

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Four main advantages are realised in this experimental approach: a) The product ions, too are subjected to double-focusing. High resolution is therefore obtained. b) The number of more excited ions is decreased with increasing distance from the ion source. Therefore, the probability of a decomposition of a metastable ion in the first field-free region of a mass spectrometer is much greater than in the second field-free region. 1) c) This sort of detection of fragment origin is, in principle, possible with all magnetic double-focusing instruments.

1(b)). The most favourable yield of ions and focusing is obtained and this remains constant during the whole analysis· A minor disadvantage of this technique is worthy of mention. The aim of the B/E linked scan is the detection of fragmentation products in the first field free region of a double focusing mass spectrometer. But sometimes, due to fragmentations in the second field free region, ions may pass through the second analysing field. This type of ions give rise to the so-called "artefact peaks".

Structural and Mechanistic Applications K2 Structural and Mechanistic Applications Fig. 24 59 Fragmentation pathways of bis(N-ethoxycarbonyl prolinyl) carbonate, detected by DADI/MIKE spectrometry (27). these oxygen substituents. For the sake of comparison several of these compounds were synthesized and tested by conventional mass spectrometry (30). One example, 3,17-dihydroxy-5androstane-11, 16-dione is representative of this type of compound. In its conventional mass spectrum (Fig.

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