By C. Hellio, D. Yebra

A precis of present learn and its useful implications, this ebook discusses marine fouling organisms and their influence, trying out and improvement of antifouling coatings, advancements in chemically-active marine antifouling applied sciences, and new floor methods to the keep watch over of marine biofouling. It offers an authoritative assessment of contemporary advances in figuring out the biology of fouling organisms, the newest advancements on antifouling screening innovations either within the box and within the laboratory, study on more secure lively compounds and the growth on unhazardous coatings with tailored floor homes.

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2003), they do foul (Swain and Schultz 1996). Diatom slime is a particular problem in this regard (Holland et al. 2004). Current research is directed at improving the antifouling and release performance, and longevity of FR coatings, through, for example, modification of surface architecture (Carman et al. 2006; Schumacher et al. , incorporation of nanofillers such as nanotubes (see Callow and Callow Chapter 24; Beigbeder et al. 2008). , Kavanagh et al. 2005). The corresponding settlement stages have received little attention from a FR perspective (cf.

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Advances in marine antifouling coatings and technologies by C. Hellio, D. Yebra
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