By Bernardo Caicedo; Carol Murillo; et al

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1). Figure 9. 1). The volume change is assumed to occur as a result of increases in soil suction as the material dries. The degree of saturation SWCC was assumed to remain the same for all soils tested. The initial condition of each soil tested was saturated. The best-fit parameters for the gravimetric water content SWCC were determined for the material tested at 78% initial water content and maintained constant for all other initial saturated water content conditions. The initial saturated water content of the specimen controlled the amount of volume change that would occur as the soil specimen was subjected to increased suction.

Indb 25 12/27/2012 4:57:22 PM Figure 17. 125 kPa. Figure 19. 5 kPa. Figure 20. Gravimetric water content versus soil suction for Regina clay preconsolidated to 49 kPa. Figure 18. 25 kPa. 65 and hr = 800 kPa. The best-fit parameters can readily describe the shape of the entire gravimetric water content SWCC. However, an understanding of the physical behavior of the Regina clay must be carefully gleaned through interpretation of several SWCCs using different water content representations when there is volume change as soil suction is increased.

The mass and volume of each soil specimen can be measured once or twice per day. Four to six measurements of the diameter and thickness of the specimen were made at differing locations on the specimens. , about twice as fast). The increase in the evaporation rate is related to the increased surface area from which evaporation occurs. Consequently, it is recommended that the measurements of mass and volume be increased to once every two to three hours once the material shows signs of pulling away from the sides of the ring.

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