By Stan Lee

The 1st ever ibooks novel through the mythical Stan Lee, founder of surprise Comics and co-creator of Spider-Man and the X-Men! The German warfare laptop rolls throughout Europe, crushing every little thing in its course. the United States and her Allies have just recently entered the struggle, yet is turns out either side are too calmly matched. The conflict may possibly drag on for years, may well pass both way...until the day the saucer fell like an arrow from the heavens, bringing with it secrets and techniques of world-shattering outcome. The Nazis are fast to trap the spacecraft and its unearthly occupants; the Allies ship in a suicide squad, a bunch snidely often called 'Logan's Losers' - to both retrieve the extraterrestrial beings and their secrets...or ruin them. Russia, too, learns of the downed flying saucers and sends their very own agent into the guts of Germany. yet there's a traitor one of the Allied invasion strength, operating to carry the Allies down from inside of, and while Logan finally reaches his aim, it's a prisoner of the 3rd Reich, sentenced to die on the hand of an outdated, implacable enemy.

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They shook their heads. “Because if you did, those persons would have to be assumed to be part of the Resistance. ” “No, sir,” said Grandpere. “I stay out of politics. ” “He falls asleep when others discuss politics,” Papeau said. “You do understand,” sniffed Borck, “that if we find an airman concealed on this farm, we would be forced to conclude that you are with the Resistance. ” He cocked his head. qrk 8/16/01 2:58 PM Page 29 T H E A L I E N FA C T O R Papeau looked up at her husband. He straightened up as if it were 1915 and Marshal Foch was passing.

They only thought they had an experimental aircraft. But how could they be deceived so long? They had something there. They had moved a number of things outside the cave and into huts. They had declared an area of two kilometers around the cave a Zutritt Verboten—a “Forbidden Zone,” meaning any unauthorized personnel could be shot on sight. What puzzled Anthony most was a cryptic message from the general who had visited Saint-Lyphard to the Reichstag: WHEN HE TALKS, THE WAR WILL BE OURS. Anthony had read weirder messages than this one.

Before Orlov reached it, Borck had snatched the key from the guard and opened it. ” demanded Borck. ” Orlov adjusted his glasses and tugged his ear. “You are correct, Oberführer. ” “Your own life depends on keeping it alive. ” Orlov took a sample tube from his pocket. “This is a liquid which I found on the floor near the creature’s shoulder. It may be blood. ” Borck, his hand shaking, reached out for the tube and raised it toward the light hanging from the ceiling. The “liquid” was no longer fluid.

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