By Alfredo Ricci

Right here, the most vital practical workforce in natural chemistry is mentioned in a single convenient quantity. The monograph covers its software -- from usual items to man made prescription drugs -- detailing complicated syntheses utilizing the amino workforce as templates and glossy ideas focussing at the creation of the amino workforce. A definitive must-have for each chemist.

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This Co(III) catalyst was successfully applied to the hydrohydrazination of dienes and enynes. 4 Mn-catalyzed hydrohydrazination of tetrasubstituted alkenes with azodicarboxylate 23. 31 Proposed mechanism of the hydrohydrazination of alkenes catalyzed by the Co(III) catalyst 24. 32 Hydrohydrazination of dienes catalyzed by the Co(III) catalyst 24. 32). The selective formation of the primary hydrazine derivative contrasts with the same reaction with alkenes, in which the formation of Markovnikov-type products was observed.

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