By Frances Karttunen

This can be a finished glossy dictionary of the foremost indigenous language of Mexico, the language of the Aztecs and plenty of in their friends. Nahuatl audio system turned literate inside a new release of touch with Europeans, and an unlimited literature has been composed in Nahuatl starting within the mid-sixteenth century and carrying on with to the current.

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I3I,I42). T has E for I in the first syllable. CIH-TLIpl: CIHTIN grandmother, or sister of one's grandfather / abuela, 0 tia hermana de abuelo (M) M combines CIH-TLI 'grandmother' with CIH-TLI 'hare' in a single entry. C also glosses CIH-TLI as 'abuela 0 liebre,' but while he gives CIHTIN as the plural of this, he goes on to repeat twice that the plural of 'hare' involves reduplication, CiCIHTIN. In this case, the two items contrast in the plural although they are homophonous in the singular. TLI pl: CICIHTIN - CIHTIN hare / liebre (M) C twice gives the reduplicated form CiCIHTIN for the plural of this, making it distinct in the plural from CIH-TLI 'grandmother,'e>buti,he also once glosses,the singular form as both 'hare' and 'grandmother' and gives the plural as CIHTIN.

See CaCHI1IZ-TLI. 93,X,II4V;]' See caCHIHTLEHUA. 1 COCHIHUA nonact. 46r]. See ~aCH(I). SIlI. See CaCHIHUA, -YAN. ' COCHIHZOLOA vrefl, vt to lose sleep over something; to prevent someone from sleeping / desuela (Z), quitar el sueiio a ~.. I46]. See CaCH(I), MAHMAUHTIA. II6]. See CaCH(I), PACHIHU(I). COCHPACHIHUIHUA nonact. CaCHPACHlHU(I) COCHPACHIHUITIA caus. 30,I46]. I), PETL(A)-TL. I). COCHTEMIQUIHUA nonact. CaCHTEMIQU(I) COCHTEMIQUILIA applic. II6,I3S]. See CaCHTEMIQUII). II6]. ' Although T only indicates that the preterit is formed with X, this undoubtedly undergoes the same potential vowel lengthening before the X as CHIY(A) does.

86r,1l9r,r24r]. Numbers suffixed with -TLAMAN-TU are used in enumerating objects more or less arbitrarily assigned to a class of flat objects including, among other things, shoes, sheets of paper, and dishes, as well as more abstract items such as speeches and pieces of advice. See CEM, TLAMAN -TLI. 93V]. 1l9V, 128v]. See CEM, TLAPAC-TLI. CENTLAPAL on, belonging to one side / de un lado, 0 del un lado (M) See CEM, TLAPAL-Ll. 74, 202]. See CEM, TLEHCO. TLI dried ear of maize / mazorca de maiz curada y seca (M) C, Z, and X have the variant form CIN-TU:R and T have CEN-TU, and M gives both forms.

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