By F. Peter Lisowski

Anatomical phrases are the vocabulary of medication. Anatomy all started as a descriptive technological know-how within the days whilst Latin was once the common clinical language. Early anatomists defined the constructions they observed in that language, evaluating them to universal and commonly used gadgets, or borrowing phrases from the Greek and Arabic masters ahead of them. In anatomic terminology, universal Latin or Greek phrases are used as such for any a part of the physique for which the ancients had a reputation. for lots of different constructions, medical names were invented both through the use of yes classical phrases which seem to be descriptive of the half involved, or more often than not, via combining Greek or Latin roots to shape a brand new compound time period. Memorization of such phrases with no knowing their which means can result in psychological indigestion.

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Multiparous. Myenteric. Myocardium. Navel. Necrosis. Necropsy. Nerve. G. men, month, L. menstruus, pertaining to a month. G. mesos, middle, + en, in, + chymos, juice. G. mesos, midway between, + enteron, gut. G. mesos, middle, + kolon, great gut. G. mesos, middle, + gaster, stomach. G. mesos, middle, + nephros, kidney. G. mesos, middle, + salpinx, tube. G. mesos, middle, + thele, nipple, hence middle lining layer. G. mesos, middle, + L. ovarium, ovary. G. meta, after, + nephros, kidney. L. mucus, G.

Hernia, protrusion. L. hiatus, gap. L. hilum, a small thing. G. hypo, under, + L. axis, centre line, axis. Incisura. Innervation. Insertion. Integument. Intercalated. Intervertebral. Intima. Intrinsic. Invagination. Inversion. Isthmus. L. incidere, to cut into. L. in, in, + nervus, nerve. L. in, in, + serere, to plant. L. in, over, + tegere, to cover. L. inter, between, + calare, to call, inserted or placed between. L. inter, between, + costa, rib. L. inter, between, + digitus, digit, interlocked by finger-like processes.

Cloaca. Coccyx. Colon. Comes. Comitans (pl. comitantes). Commissure. Communicans. Coraco-, corono-. Cornu. Corona. Corpus (pl. corpora). Cremaster. Crus (pl. crura). Cyst (adj. cystic). Dartos. Decidua, (adj. Deciduous). Defaecation, Defecation. Deferens. Detritus. Detrusor. Diaphragm. G. chole, bile, + dochos (dechomai ), container. G. chylos, juice. G. chymos, juice. L. circum, around, + flexere, to bend. L. cisterna, reservoir. L. cloaca, sewer, drain. G. kokkyx, a cuckoo, hence a structure shaped like a cuckoo’s bill.

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