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Study the details of each muscle with reference to the page numbers given . • In the case of biceps brachii consider why it is the strongest muscle of supination as we" as an elbow and shoulder flexor. Copyrighted Material Movements at the radio-ulnar joints Supinator ('muscle of supination') Supination: posterior view Supination: Pronation: anterior view Attachments The lateral epicondyle of the humerus; the annular ligament and • radial collateral ligament. The supinator fossa and crest of the ulna.

Examine the variation in the carrying angle between male and female colleagues. The main hinge mechanism of the humerus and ulna allows Humero-ulnar joint: 'the carrying angle' only the movements of flexion and extension through the Movements of the main transverse axis. humero-ulnar joint However, as already demonstrated, the radius is able to rotate across the ulna pivoting at the proximal and distal radio­ ulnar joints in the movements known as pronation and supin­ ation (pp. 53-57). Copyrighted Material 47 48 The elbow Flexion Flexion of the elbow Study tasks (0°_ 145°) • • Highlight the names of the • muscles shown.

Perform this movement with care: it is painful if done forcefully or rapidly. The rationale of this arrangement is to provide strong flexion and extension through a transverse axis, but the human elbow is capable of much more than this. There is also a pivot joint between the circular head of the radius and a reciprocal notch on the ulna (proximal radio-ulnar joint), which allows for the rotatory movements of pronation and supination of the hand. Copyrighted Material Movements of the main humero-ulnar joint The proximal radio-ulnar joint Annular ligament Pronation (further details pp.

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