By Ethel Sloane

This unprecedented textual content, provided in a special define structure, is designed to assist scholars specialise in the center evidence of anatomy and body structure with no getting slowed down through extra details. it will possibly function both a fundamental textual content in a direction or as a spouse to a extra exact anatomy and body structure quantity.

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Ions also can be an entire covalent molecule with an electrical charge. For example, in ammonium chloride (NH4C1), the cation is ammonium (NH4+), and the anion is chloride (C1-). e. Ionic bonds are weaker than covalent bonds and tend to dissociate in water to form the separate component ions. The compound then is said to dissolve in water. 3. Hydrogen bonds are weak bonds formed between the oppositely charged portions of neighboring polar molecules and thus are the result of the electrostatic attraction between them.

Protons, electrons, and neutrons), which differ in mass, electrical charge, and position in the atom. Protons and neutrons are located in the atomic nucleus; electrons move around the nucleus in an electron field. a. A proton carries one unit of a positive electrical charge. b. A neutron is an uncharged particle with about the same mass as a proton. Protons and neutrons make up most of the mass of an atom and are located in the atomic nucleus. c. An electron carries one unit of a negative electrical charge but a very small mass-only about 1/1,800 of the mass of a proton.

F. Three ear ossicles (bones) and differentiated teeth adapted to chewing a variety of foods also are characteristic to mammals. 5. Order: Primata. Primates include lemurs, monkeys, and great apes as well as humans. They have grasping hands, an opposable thumb, claws modified to finger and toe nails, and relatively large, well-developed brains. 6. Family: Hominidae. Hominidae include both the extinct and the living races of humans. 7. Genus: Homo and species: sapiens. Homo sapiens includes all the ethnic varieties of humans.

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