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Leopard-spotted Appaloosas are especially prized. 38 Dalmations have many positive traits but carry a gene for deafness. This does not mean that purebred animals are better than mixed-breed animals. As a matter of fact, many purebred animals suffer because they are purebred. Dalmatians are beautiful dogs. Yet purebred Dalmatians have a greater risk of being deaf than mixed breeds. The genes in these dogs developed errors over time. This flawed gene passes from parent to puppy again and again. More Dalmatians carry the deafness gene, so there is a better chance that a Dalmatian puppy will be deaf.

The other is raised near the Arctic Circle. After many years, they might end up looking quite different from each other. The differences between the twins might be explained by epigenetics. This science looks at how an animal’s DNA is changed by its environment. ” In other words, where an animal grows up or lives might affect its genetic makeup. A specific gene could be “expressed,” or behave differently under different environmental conditions. 42 Even people who appear identical do not have identical genes.

Now they have to figure out what all of them do. 37 Expensive Genes If you go to a pet store, a Chihuahua may cost $500. At a pet shelter, a mutt can cost less than $50. Why are the costs so different? Purebreds Purebred animals are animals that have the same breed of parents, grandparents, and so on. So the Chihuahua in the pet store, if it is purebred, has Chihuahua parents, Chihuahua grandparents, and Chihuahua great-grandparents. The dog is pure Chihuahua. Dog owners who buy a purebred want to be sure that the animal they buy has only the genes for the breed they want.

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