By C.K. Chu

• updated evaluate at the chemistry and biology of nucleosides • smooth artificial technique • finished assurance of antiviral nucleosidesThis ebook summarizes the hot advances in nucleosides chemistry and chemotherapy during the last 10-15 years. It covers lately stumbled on nucleoside antiviral brokers, their healing facets and biochemistry, and likewise vast stories on their chiral synthesis.

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Fat" nucleosides. ^^ Structure-activity relationships of neplanocin A analogs revealed interesting antiviral activity. 2 and 15 |iM, respectively). ^^^ Recent Advances in Antiviral Nucleosides 53 NHp NH HO N-^N*^ OH HO ^ OH 183(neplanocinA) ^N'**0 ^ OH OH 184X = H 185X = F Figure 71. Neplanocin A and its D-cytidine analogs. ^^^ Its 5'-nor analog 187 is active against HCMV,^^^'^^'^ vaccinia virus and measles, while its (+)-enantiomer 188 is active against HBV. ^^^ X NHo 1 ^ N HO OH N - ^ N ^ Y OH OH 186 (aristeromycin) NH2 1 OH 1 8 7 X = NH2, Y = H 0::> N^^^N OH OH OH 188 1 8 9 X = OH, Y = NH2 Figure 72.

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