By Rosalind Krauss

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He is not working at peak efficiency. T. and so must you. I would prefer it if you went straight to Chapter 17, page 62. But if you want to be annoying you could venture off to Chapter 18, page 64. Your choice. But beware! 42 Storymaze Four-text 17/10/02 1:07 PM Page 43 13 I’m sorry you had to come here. There is no Chapter 13. I have told you many times it is bad luck to have a Chapter 13 in a book. I will never narrate them. Much too dangerous. Let me tell you why. Once upon a time, my uncle Rolly was in bed reading a book.

There is a large room filled with a throng of chanting monks. ) The monks turn and throng around the Ithacans and lead them to the front of the room where there is a stone throne. One of the monks gently pushes the Ithacans to their knees telling them to close their eyes. 33 Storymaze Four-text 17/10/02 1:07 PM Page 34 A bell rings three times. There is a strong whiff of incense. The head monk directs them to open their eyes again and gaze upon the wonder and mystery of the Great One. The Great One?

If you are foolish enough to follow Nico, turn to Chapter 12, page 38. If you are entirely crazy and choose to follow Mikey, advance to Chapter 15, page 50. ’ yells Claudia, leading Nico and Mikey through the opening. A short way along the passage, they stop. Before them appears a vision of an old woman dressed in rags. She points at them. ’ That said she slowly disappears. ’ says Mikey. ‘I don’t know and I’ve no time to wonder,’ says Claudia. ’ She rushes along the corridor, down a straight section, then up some stairs, around many turns to even more stairs.

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