By Elena Brower

Yoga starts with actual future health. however it may also shipping us—through meditation, self-awareness, and movement—into a lifelong exploration of presence, attractiveness, and deeper existence function. With paintings of realization, Elena Brower and Erica Jago convey us the way in which. Distilled from their acclaimed workshops and coaching courses, this multifaceted booklet can be utilized as:

• A step by step workshop for merging movement-based mindfulness with conventional yoga

• A “tool package” of asanas, meditations, self-inquiry questions, and therapeutic practices for growing your personal day-by-day religious practice

• An uplifting resource of visible attractiveness and knowledge teachings for internal mirrored image and elevation

For scholars and academics at each point, this exclusive source takes us additional into yoga—and the paintings of living—with readability, creativity, ask yourself, and depth.

Includes contributions from MC YOGI, Gabrielle Bernstein, Donna Karan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington Burns, and others encouraged via Elena and Erica’s paintings.

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With eyes closed, open the muscles of your face. Keeping your eyes closed, open and close your mouth. Open and stretch your face and jaw as much as you can. Be fearless, especially if you are typically not very expressive in your face. Stretch, and then fully rest, those muscles. Activate; release. Let your body deeply rest. If you still blame anyone for any aspect of your experience, open your solar plexus to observe the impact that blame has on your body. Release him or her, and yourself. Blame is a huge power loss.

This concept of SVADHYAYA—self-awareness—helps us notice patterns and habits that have kept us stuck in discomfort. It allows us to approach them from a place of acceptance instead of judgment. The sequences and meditation techniques help us let go of blame and other self-destructive thoughts and emotions that no longer serve us. By forgiving ourselves and others, we can then dissolve any sense of separateness we experience. When we let go of our fears and insecurities and embrace our true nature, we learn what it means to be fully alive.

NOTE: This power isn’t power over anyone. We’re cultivating power to be present for ourselves. Everyone near us benefits from that quality of presence. Keep breathing here for a few more breaths. Release your hands down onto your sides and turn your palms up. As we breathe, we are demystifying, breaking down what we perceive to be overcoming us, overtaking us. Moods, states, impulses—we are breaking these down into energy, knowable parts, seeing them like weather patterns, like clouds, passing through us at any given time.

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