By Sun Tzu (Lionel Giles)

I <3 U Dian Sastro :) A scanned PDF of the main recognized army guide within the world! The person who well known on the internet, simply retyped version from Gutenberg. In right here, you will discover the unique publication. in addition to the Hanzi (Chinese Character).

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And (3) $#! ), which steals wholesale from Sun Tzii. None of these has the slightest claim to be considered genuine. 3 6 z,. & c' savour, having no reference whatever to war, it is pronounced a forgery from the Chang Shang-ying (d. I 121), who edited it with commentary. hand of fi Correct Wylie's "Notes," new edition, p. 90, and Courant's 'Catalogue Chinois," no. 5056 des Livres t2%%~&wHR~sSi#%%zF&. 3 8,that the above works, together with Sun Tzt, We are told in the six were those prescribed for military training in the period (1078-85).

D. 14611, eh. 32, f. 22,as the jg $f pj & * *&a:fi It is mentioned in the p , jf# @@ @ usituated five east of the district city of I-Iua- in. " 4sF&I*sSl%atW%aL%@ 6 Cf. %&gq%. INTRODUCTION XXXIII with the earliest editions then available. Fortunately, two versions of Sun Tzil, even older than the newly discovered work, were still extant, one buried in the T'ung Tien, Tu Yu's great treatise on the Constitution, the other sirnilarly enshrined in the T'ai P'ing Yii Lan encyclopaedia. sections. Considering that the Yii Lan takes us back to the year 983, and the T'ung Tien about 200 years further still, to the middle of the T'ang dynasty, the value of these early transcripts of Sun Tzii can hardly be overestimated.

Among the famous generals who are known to have studied his pages with enthusiasm may be mentioned @$ Han Hsin (d. C. 196),' Feng I (d. A . D . 3 4 ) , 5 Lii MOng (d. The ~ opinion of Ts'ao Kung, who disputes with Han Hsin the highest place in Chinese military annals, has already been recorded. Still more remarkable, in one way, is the testimony of Su Hsiin (the father purely literary men, such as f& of Su Tung-p'o), who wrote several essays on military topics, all of which owe their chief inspiration to Sun'Tzk The following short passage by him is preserved in the Yii Hai: 1 4 8 Ch.

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