By Uderzo Goscinny

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Said Col, head drooping in frustration. He seemed to accuse himself, like a young knight cursing his lack of effort upon losing a joust. But Lawrence did not know why Col was so affected. How was his near murder at Eve's hands connected to surviving in the world? Maybe it was the fact that he had been forced to find a way to survive despite the threat to his life. Lawrence was mulling it over, but then Col resumed speaking, and he decided to listen to the boy. "Of course, I don't just accept the teachings of the Church, either, and even back in the village there were hard times ...

Squatting down, she brought her knees together and rested her chin atop them. " Not immediately replying to the statemen1t, Lawrence peeled the cloth from his face. A ginger touch to his cheek revealed that the swelling had gone down considerably, and he felt essentially no pain. The medicine had been so effective that he £ound himself wondering if there might be a profit in it somewhere. "Well, you know what they say- a bit 01f vermilion turns 44 everything red. " Lawrence wiped his cheek vigorously with the washcloth.

Into the earthen-rimmed wooden bowls was poured the goat's milk, now boiled down to the point where it resembled melted cheese. With salt and oil added and topped with slices of herring, there was no doubt it would be delicious. " "Quite right. A taste for fine food sends the costs of travel into the sky. " asked Eve, setting a piece of bread before Col. "It's a kind of fate, being a likable person," she added, smiling as she removed the scarf she wore, baring her face. Watching Col's shocked face in that moment was· rather amusing.

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Asterix En Hispania by Uderzo Goscinny
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