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If χ represents the extent of the reaction, then p Fig. 2. N Variation of the enantiomeric purity P A as a function of time. 3. C o m p e t i t i v e Reaction M e t h o d s 33 x (%) Fig. 3 . Relation b e t w e e n enantiomeric purity P and extent of the reaction χ as a function of the ratio Κ = k /k . 02. A p Χ = ([Α N ] + + 0 [Α_] ) - ([Α 0 [Α ] + 0 + + [Α_] ] + [Α_]) _ = 0 [Α + ] + [Α + ] [Α_] + [Α_] 0 0 ' By the use of Eqs. (1) and (3), the following conclusion can be reached: a —k t e _L p.

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