By Alan B. Weder (auth.), Norman K. Hollenberg MD, PhD (eds.)

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43. : Insulin resistance is associated with high sodium-lithium countertransport in essential hypertension. Am J Physiol1991, 261:E684-E691. 44. : Exclusion of the Na+-H+ antiporter as a candidate gene in human essential hypertension. Hypertension 1991, 17:8-14. 45. : The association of borderline hypertension with target organ changes and higher coronary risk: Tecumseh Blood Pressure Study. JAMA 1990, 264:354-358. 46. : Familial dyslipidemic hypertension: evidence from 58 Utah families for a syndrome present in approximately 12% of patients with essential hypertension.

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Atlas of Heart Diseases: Hypertension: Mechanisms and by Alan B. Weder (auth.), Norman K. Hollenberg MD, PhD (eds.)
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