By Mark Nielsen

This booklet will encourage and have interaction health and wellbeing execs to profit the necessities of anatomy and body structure via its visible technique and specified pedagogy. The condensed content material covers the fundamentals with no wide element. middle ideas are awarded visually to permit them to achieve a greater knowing of the cloth. method diagrams are built-in in the course of the chapters to steer health and wellbeing pros throughout the fabric.

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The bone has a smooth external surface, while its internal surface consists of impressions made by the meningeal vessels and scattered foramina that transmit diploic vessels. The squamous portion of the bone is thick. It consists of internal and external laminae of compact bone sandwiching a layer of trabecular bone called diploë. Near the anterior, inferior midline the spongy bone is absent between the external and internal laminae and in its place are variably sized spaces — the frontal sinuses.

At another extreme, the cells of skeletal tissue are constantly monitoring and changing the micro-structure of this amazing tissue called bone, providing it with maximal strength, toughness, and resilience. In addition to its dynamic role of support, it also serves a protective role for many organs of the body. This dynamic framework also exhibits a tremendous capacity for growth and repair. It is a storehouse of calcium ions, ions that play a significant role in many of the body’s functions. The skeleton consists of 206 separate bones, ignoring various sesamoid bones and the fact that some bones represent the fusion of multiple bones.

Indd Page 40 15/03/11 8:43 PM user-F391 Cranium /Users/user-F391/Desktop This page spread depicts the norma occipitalis, or occipital aspect of the cranium. From this posterior view the internal aspects of the bones of the oral and nasal cavities are clearly visible. In the disarticulated view only those bones that are visible in the occipital aspect of the cranium are depicted. indd Page 42 15/03/11 8:43 PM user-F391 Cranium 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 /Users/user-F391/Desktop This page spread depicts the norma superior, or superior aspect of the cranium.

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