By Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Awakening the Luminous brain is the 3rd e-book of guided meditation practices in a chain by way of the acclaimed writer and instructor, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Tenzin Rinpoche will consultant you to deliver those basic practices into your daily life by means of turning inward and discovering what he calls your "inner refuge." through this he capability boundless house, limitless understanding, and the characteristics that come up that experience the facility to rework your lifestyles. As you persist with the foundations during this e-book and complimentary audio downloads, you can find larger creativity and intelligence, liberation from soreness, knowing and connectivity, and freedom from the ego that strives to regulate our lifestyles studies.

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Years later, when watching the movie The Karate Kid with my children, I felt a moment of kinship with the young karate student in the film who is forced, in his first lesson with his Japanese master, to spend his time washing cars, practicing the same circular polishing movement throughout a seemingly endless day. “This isn’t karate,” he complains, as he suffers through an interminably long, hot day in the sun. The lesson of this first confrontation with spiritual discipline was a profound one for me.

As Nasruddin foretold, looking was indeed the key. Recovering the ability to go on being is like seeing the blueprint in the rug. We feel cut off, locked out, estranged, or imprisoned, and we yearn for release. We have all kinds of ideas about what will heal, about what we have to do to change. But the major obstacle is that we do not know how to look at ourselves as process. We can only imagine somebody or nobody. Yet neither of these options will bring us to freedom: both imprison us. Like the man in the jail staring at the floor of his cell, everything we need is right in front of us.

He knew from firsthand experience how the ego could be decimated by LSD. But here was a man who was unfazed by it. Maharaj-ji’s ego was so flexible, so transparent, that the drug did not seem to touch him. This was the first point that Ram Dass was communicating that summer in Boulder. There was a limit to what altered states of consciousness could provide. Getting high was not the same as being free, cautioned this apostle of psychedelia. “Once you get the message, you have to hang up the phone,” he would say, in answer to innumerable questions about mindaltering drugs.

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