By Dennis Waite

Publish 12 months note: First released in 2007

Advaita is a non secular philsophy in line with the Upanishads, older than such a lot different spiritual structures we all know approximately but in addition the main logical in its technique. This e-book offers a scientific remedy of Advaita which demystifies it, differentiating among methods & lecturers, so that you can make a decision which technique is most fitted for you.

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13 Note 776, [Ref. 13 is divided up into “Notes”]) As long as we remain identified with the mind with its thoughts and emotions we are bound to suffer the consequences of its mistaken view of reality. Möller de la Rouvière explains: Through the process of identifying ourselves with the activities of thought, it no longer serves human life, but has become human life. Identification with thought means that no separation exists between the human mind (as thought) and human life. What we know, we are.

In fact, the sheaths do not “cover” up anything. It is rather the case that they are levels at which we experience the world and with which we identify. There is nothing other than Atman-brahman so that each of the sheaths is itself Atman and this is realized once we stop the identification. Once the sheaths have been negated, what remains is that which cannot be negated - the eternal witness. The model is presented as an aid to understanding and later shown to be false as our understanding increases.

By correcting our vision we correct things outside. If we can cure our jaundiced eye, nothing will look yellow. But without correcting the jaundice, however much we scrub the outside things, we are not going to make them white or blue or green; they will always be yellow. (Ref. 11) Attachment It is not the world but attachment to it which is the root of all misery. Swami Nityaswarupananda (Ref. ” It is that element of the mind that tends to identify with ideas such as “I am a man,” or a teacher or a father etc.

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