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Harris decided not to mention the Middlesex Hospital again. ’ he asked, trying to change the subject as they walked into the station. ‘Dreadful.

How had his life become so screwed up? It’s too late for thoughts like that, Jack Bartlett, he told himself. Far too late. But there was something nagging at him. Something that the Doctor had said before he’d left. A something that was preventing him from climbing out of the window, down the fire escape and getting away. It was after the Doctor had told him that Eddy was dead. The Doctor had sat beside him, placed a hand on his shoulder. ‘We can stop them, you know,’ the little man had said. ‘The people who killed your friend.

He began to murmur the now familiar incantation under his breath. On top of the altar, the large glass sphere sat dark and lifeless, waiting patiently for him to finish. He stumbled through the prayer self-consciously, fearful of being found kneeling in the dark, whispering to himself. He sighed audibly as the glass ball on the wooden crate in front of him began to shine with an eerie emerald light. Gordy stared deep into the glass, watching the intricate flames which flickered and whirled inside.

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