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Los mejores libros jamás escritos. Un diálogo entre el dios y el hombre que muestra los caminos de los angeles acción, los angeles devoción y el conocimiento de Oriente. «Todos los seres nacen en l. a. ilusión, los angeles ilusión de l. a. división procedente del deseo y el odio.»

Este texto forma parte del libro VI del Mahabharata, y fue escrito probablemente en los siglos I o II a.C. No se conocen sus autores. Se presenta como un diálogo entre Arjuna y Krisna, en el campo de batalla, justo cuando va a empezar los angeles guerra entre los Pandaras y los Kauravas. El miedo a los angeles batalla inicia un diálogo a través del cual se traza una sinopsis del pensamiento y experiencia religiosa de l. a. India, que aglutina los caminos de los angeles acción, l. a. devoción y el conocimiento.

A Juan Mascaró se debe una de las traducciones más célebres de los angeles Bhagavad Gita, que aquí presentamos en versión castellana de José Manuel Abeleira frente al sánscrito original.

Mahatma Gandhi dijo...
«Cuando las dudas me persiguen, cuando los angeles desilusión me mira fijamente a l. a. cara y no veo ningún rayo de esperanza en el horizonte, me dirijo hacia Bhagavad Gita y busco un verso que me reconforte.»

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Spon­ taneously and wholeheartedly, he submits to all the inscrutable commands and outlandish agents that steer him on. But he shrinks from a deed of thanklessness and cruelty. Among his virtues is a trait of human gentleness, which must be counteracted if it is not to destroy both himself and his reahn; for every impulse to violence is so alien to his nature, every motive of injustice so far from his comprehension, that he is defenseless against them. They have already caught him totally unprepared.

But lo! Behold! She thought she spied him. He was returning, mounted on a black charger and leading a hound by a silver chain. The queen cast herself from the tower in a fit of despair and was dashed to bits. And when the king was apprised of her base conduct, he ordered that her remains should be burned. The prince planted his three golden apples in the garden. Instantly a magnificent tree sprang up, bearing golden fruit, which caused all the realm to produce exuberant crops. If the years of Conn-eda’s father had been great, his own were greater, and the long reign is famous to this day for its abundance.

And even if we take the wings of the morning and fly unto the uttermost parts of the sea, they are there with us. The elements will not accept them, the sea spews them out, the earth refuses to receive them, and before they can be destroyed by fire, they fall through the air to com20 ABU KASEM S SLIPPERS plete our ruin. Not even the tax collector wants them. Why should anything in the world burden itself with the full-fledged demons of our ego, just because we have at last become uneasy in their presence?

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