By Ronald L. Meek (auth.), Olga Kennard, David G. Watson, Frank H. Allen, Stella M. Weeds (eds.)

This quantity is the 8th labeled bibliography of natural and organometallic crystal constructions ready by way of the Crystallographic info Centre, college Chemical Laboratory, Cambridge, and released together with the overseas Union of Crystallography. the 1st seven volumes coated the years 1935-1975. the current quantity presents references mostly to compounds whose struc­ tures have been mentioned within the literature in the course of 1975-1976. a couple of constructions released ahead of 1975 and passed over from the former volumes also are integrated. This quantity accommodates a few significant alterations in equipment of guidance, indexing, and literature assurance. those alterations are designed to offer a later deadline for the literature assurance, and to make the most labeled directory extra available to the reader via superior indexing. the foremost technical switch used to be using the FR80 microfilm recorder on the technological know-how learn Council Rutherford Laboratory, rather than the Linotron 505 filmsetter, to organize the grasp reproduction of the e-book. The switch necessitated the advance of a brand new set of prQgrams, a venture performed in collaboration with the Atlas Computing department of the Rutherford Laboratory. The reader can also discover using a brand new sort font, built by way of Dr A. V. Hershey and made to be had by means of Mrs Carla Messina, Dr N. M. Wolcott and Mr J. Hilsenrath of america nationwide Bureau of Standards.

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3, 949, 1 971 C. R. Acad. , Ser. 4 31 • 2734. 1 975 Ammonium trimetaphosphimate methanol solvate 419, 139, 1976 Z. Anorg. Allg. , Sect. B. , Sect. B, Bull. Chern. Soc. , Sect. B. Simon . , Sect. B. 32, 1240. Shibata. Motegi Bull. Chern. 3oc. C Pyridine picrate C6 H2N30 7-. C 4- Amino- 5- aza- indole- 5- riboside picrate 1- Deaza- isotubercidin picrate CaHzN307 -. C Sodium p- nitrosophenolate trihydrate (at -162°C) C6 H4N0 2-. 13,20,21,23,24,26,27- Dodecahydrodibenzo{b,n) (1,4,7,1 0,13,16,19,22)octaoxacyclotetracosin bis(sodium onitrophenolate) 2C6 H4N0 3-.

Thomas J. Chern. , Chern. C Guanidinium tetramolybdo- dimethylarsinate monohydrate 2CH6 N 3 +, C2H 7 AsMo 4 0 152-. Pakhomov. Kaidalova. Davidovich Zh. Neorg. Khim.. Kobayashi . Sasaki Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn.. Rimsky . Faucherre Acta Crystallogr.. Sect. B. 31,2607. 1 975 33 1 o. 11 Guanidinium pentacarbonato- thorium(iv) tetra hydrate 6CH6 N3+, C~Ou~Th 6 -. , Sect. B. Huiszoon . , Sect. B. , Sect. B. , Sect. B. C 9- Ethyladenine - parabanic acid - oxaluric acid monohydrate C3H 4 N204,C3H2N203,C7HeN~.

B. , Sect. B. C Guanidinium iron(iii) ethylenediaminetetra- acetate dihydrate CH 6 N3 +, C10 H 14 FeN 20 9 -. Wajsman Hung. Diff. Andrews Am. Cryst. Assoc .. Abstr. 6 bis(Guanidinium) hydrogen phosphate monohydrate 2CH6 N3 +, H0 4 P2-. Adams. , Sect. B. 7 Guanidinium oxalate dihydrate monoperhydrate 2CH 6 N 3 +, C20 4 2-. Pritchard . Thomas J. Chern. , Chern. C Guanidinium tetramolybdo- dimethylarsinate monohydrate 2CH6 N 3 +, C2H 7 AsMo 4 0 152-. Pakhomov. Kaidalova. Davidovich Zh. Neorg. Khim..

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