By J.F. Labuz, A. Drescher

This publication incorporates a sampling of papers awarded on the June 2-5, 2002 foreign Workshop on Bifurcations andamp; Instabilities in Geomechanics (IWBI 2002). The scope of the Workshop contains analytical techniques, numerical equipment, and experimental suggestions.

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Ortlepp (eds), Proc. 5th Int. Symposium Rockbursts and Seismicity in Mines, RaSiM-2001: 433-437. Santon: The South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Maier, G. & Perego, U. 1992. Effects of softening in elastic-plastic structural dynamics. Int. J. Numer. Methods Eng. 34: 319-347. Maier, G. et al. 1973. , J. Engineering Mechanics Division 99: 895901. Melin, S. 1983. Why do cracks avoid each other? Int. J. Fracture 23: 37-45. G. 1997. Numerical modeling of 2-D smooth crack growth. Int. J.

Figure 6 of Olsson (1999) shows constant lateral deformation at the mid-height of an axisymmetric compression sample indicating v ≈ 0 but Wong et al. (2001) report increasing lateral deformation indicating v > 0. In addition, values of the dilatancy factor, β of Rudnicki & Rice (1975) (see below), inferred by Olsson (1999) and Wong et al. (2001) correspond to increasing lateral deformation. The response in these experiments may, however, differ significantly from the isotropic response assume by the Rudnicki & Rice (1975) relation.

6a). Recall that crack propagation is an ultimate stage of localization, and let the material be such that the rupture mode under tensile stress is dominant in a small FPZ. This implies that at a point of bifurcation, the system of elements in the FPZ chooses a way corresponding to localization along some of the rays emerging from the tip (Fig. 6b). The actual direction of the ray is normal to the line of maximum tensile stress (max σθθ) in the vicinity of the tip. The direction may be tangent to the initial crack (Fig.

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Bifurcations and Instabilities in Geomechanics: Proceedings by J.F. Labuz, A. Drescher
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