By Shamar Rinpoche

Boundless Awakening is a pocket-sized publication on meditation. The publication is great for individuals attracted to meditation, either newcomers and complicated. a major gain skilled via the practitioner of meditation is the instant development within the stipulations of lifestyle. The perform of meditation results in a brain that's extra peaceable, extra tranquil and extra comfortable. as the brain is extra secure, occasions that typically disturb us appear to tackle much less significance, and we cease taking them in the sort of critical method. Likewise, via meditation the brain progressively learns to be autonomous of exterior stipulations and situations. This brain that's unaffected via outer stipulations is then in a position to observe its personal balance and calmness. A sturdy brain, one who isn't really disturbed, ends up in the adventure of much less soreness in our lives.

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Highly realized bodhisattvas who are no longer b o u n d to the concepts of a real world are also able to manifest in different worlds si­ multaneously, fulfilling the needs of sentient beings. Buddhas such as the Buddha Amitabha have fully mastered this ability. Thus he, for example, manifests the realm of Sukhavati (Tib. bde ba chen), while simultaneously manifesting wherever else it is appropriate for him to do so. 36 C h ap ter Six: Living life in a way that is favorable fo r meditation D isturbances caused by the ka rm a ac­ crued th ro u g h non-v irtu o u s deeds a n d other b u rd en in g conditions persist as long as deep levels of insight are no t achieved.

M indfulness allows for pacify­ ing the agitated and b u rd en in g tendencies, thoughts, and em otions. A practitioner, who by m eans o f this training has achieved a cer­ tain a m o u n t o f equanim ity and stability and can thus focus one-pointedly w ithout c o n ­ trived effort, will th en be able to investigate these tendencies step by step, w h eth er these are pride, envy, jealousy, anger, fear or others. As a result, outer objects o f focus becom e in n er objects o f focus. Instead o f holding onto the respective triggers th at bro u g h t up - Boundless A w akening - the various emotions, we are able to analyze the mental processes that occur in ourselves.

This process opens the access to realizing absolute reality. In the beginning the m editation o f insight is th u s an analytical process by m eans o f w hich we look deeply into the nature of reality. The required basis is a calm and clear m in d as re­ alized th ro u g h the m editation o f calm a b id ­ ing as described previously. At this po in t I w ould like to m en tio n that in today’s international use of language and - Boundless A w akening - in m any books on meditation we come across the term vipassana, which is the Pali word for the Sanskrit vipasyana.

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