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Its influence is no longer as strong. ” It should be noted that this important technique can also be employed in the course of daily living without unusual powers of concentration or formal meditation practice. In the words of the Buddha: There are three kinds of feeling, O monks: pleasant feeling, unpleasant feeling, and neutral feeling. 39 In pleasant feelings, monks, the inclination to greed should be given up; in unpleasant feelings the inclination to aversion should be given up; in neutral feelings the inclination to ignorance should be given up.

Dive deep into the innermost recesses of the heart. Plunge into the shining Atma (Soul) within. Drink the nectar of Immortality. Enjoy the silence now. I shall leave you there alone. Nectar’s son, Rejoice, Rejoice! Peace, Peace! Silence, Silence!  55 Another important difference concerns the visions that occur during meditation. The Buddhist regards these as psychological phenomena to be dealt with in the same way as distracting thoughts. The Hindu often interprets them as psychic experiences indicative of spiritual development.

Perhaps the most popular discursive meditation practiced by Theravadin Buddhists is the meditation on love (metta). 30 There are several versions, one of which is as follows: 29. Visuddhimagga, VI. 30. , IX. 22 My mind is temporarily pure, free from all impurities; free from lust, hatred and ignorance; free from all evil thoughts. My mind is pure and clean. Like a polished mirror is my stainless mind. As a clean and empty vessel is filled with pure water I now fill my clean heart and pure mind with peaceful and sublime thoughts of boundless love, overflowing compassion, sympathetic joy, and perfect equanimity.

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