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Cf. DhP. 246- 247). The basic socialization sought in Buddhist teachings is observed in the attempt made to sustain these five principles. Incidentally, these principles are also regarded as the law in the case ofcelestial kings who ruled the world righteously. In the family, the socialization process begins even before the actual birth of the chUd (pre-natal socialization) . Rituals and customs found in the family are oriented to socialize the yet unbom child. The father and mother should be restrained in their physical action.

Determination to achieve what one desires either by creating wholesome or unwholesome states of mind keeps the process of socialization moving. Friendliness towards all is considered as very useful in society. This starts at home by extending one's friendliness to one's self first; to those in the family next; to kith and kin; to those unknown and finally even to one's enemies. The manifestation of this friendliness is observed first in outward physical action; then in verbal action and finally in one's own thoughts.

Group forms an important agent of soCialization. It is because of this that friends are considered as very important in the fonnation of one's character. Friends or peers are those that make the world go round. A good friend or peer-group contributes to a fruitful socialization where, as a bad or evil friend or peer-group would lead to one's downfall. It is because of this, one is advised to avoid fools as friends and associate wise people. lity are unfriendly. Firstly, there is the person who comes empty-handed, but always attempts to take away something from the other.

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