By Boschke F.L.

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Autoxydation yon Cumol in Gegenwart yon Vanadyl-Phthalocyanin. Tetrahedron Letters 1962, 577. : Autoxydation yon Cumol in Gegenwart yon substituierten KupferPhthalocyaninen und verwandten Kupfer-Komplexen. Tetrahedron Letters 1967, 659. 81) Minkov, A. , Keier, N. P. : The Mechanism of Cumene Oxidation over Copper Phthalocyanine. Kinetika Katal. 8, 160 (1967). C. A. 67, 21210s (1967). 8"2) _ _ Anufrienko, V. : Oxidation of lsopropylbenzene on Copper Phthalocyanine. Kinetika Katal. 8, 387 (1967).

C. A. 54, 8252h (1960). : Vulcanized Anilinblack. Its Electrical Conductivity and Catalysis upon the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide. Bull. Chem. Soc. Japan 39, 551 (1966). s4) Parini, V. , Kazokova, Z. , Berlin, A. : Polymers with Conjugated Bonds and Heteroatoms in the Conjugated Bond Chain. XIX. Some Properties of Aniline Black. Vysokomolekul Soedin. 3, 1870 ( 196 t ). C. A. 56, 14460g (1962). ss) Dokukina, E. , Golovina, O. , Sakharov, M. , Aseeva, R. : Catalytic Activity of Organic Semiconductors Obtained by Thermal Dehydrochlorination of Poly(vinylchloride).

B) Numbers after slant mark are references to additional examples. Studies by Lapidus and coworkers 3a) o f the isomerization o f n-butenes on nickel-zeolite catalysts indicate that some zeolite catalysts are active for the disproportionation o f butenes to propylene and pentenes. Composition and Physical Properties Surface areas reported for heterogeneous disproportionation catalysts were generally greater than 100 m 2/g and the promoter concentrations reported 42 Catalytic Olefin Disproportionation were generally in the range of I to 15 per cent.

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