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Following the two World Wars, however, this trade has declined to the merest shadow of its former magnitude. 14 C. L. CUTTING 2. Smoked Herring One of the earliest mentions of the smoking of herring relates to Fecamp in 1230. The relation of the German Bückling and Dutch "bokking" to the more important salt herring industry has already been indicated. Britain, however, while not competing to any extent with the Dutch in the production of salt herring (also known as "white" herring), developed a characteristic hard-salted, smoked, and dried ungutted product, called the "red" herring, although the product after cold-smoking for some weeks was dark brown rather than red.

Further patient scientific work in the 1930's in a number of countries led to the realization that frozen fish needed cold storage at a distinctly lower temperature than was regarded as acceptable commercially for 1. HISTORICAL ASPECTS OF FISH 25 meat and other foodstuffs. Not until after 1945 did this principle begin to win wide acceptance in industry. For a country with a distant-water fishery, such as Britain, the establishment of a freezing industry on shore obviously cannot be expected to result in a material improvement in the quality of the fish marketed, except insofar as it can smooth out day-to-day and seasonal surpluses and eliminate the deterioration that inevitably occurs during normal distribution in the fresh state.

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Catching, cleaning, and cooking bay crabs
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