By David L. VanderZwaag, Cynthia Lamson

Ten essays deal with severe matters in Arctic improvement studying the consequences for either policy-making within the North and the influence of that coverage on local humans. additionally they learn advertisement proposals to increase and delivery hydrocarbons via environmentally delicate waters. Annotation co

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The tidal Kelvin wave propagates with maximum amplitude along the right-hand coast looking downstream. Lake (1981) considered a shallow water wave propagating westward through Barrow Strait. The calculated current speeds were 21 cm/sec along the north shore and 16 cm/sec along the south shore. Boundary effects can also produce horizontal variations in speed and direction, particularly in shallow water and near headlands and spits. Sea-level changes occur in response to atmospheric pressure gradients and large-scale oceanic circulation.

Tides in the Canadian Arctic are primarily semi-diurnal or mixed and mainly semi-diurnal (Dohler 1966). 8 hours). The two main semi-diurnal constituents have periods near twelve hours that differ slightly in length; consequently the two signals go in and out of phase, creating spring tides (maximum water heights) and neap tides (minimum water heights) once every twenty-eight days. In Baffin Bay the average tidal progression proceeds northward along the western Greenland coast across northern Baffin Bay and then southward along the coast of Baffin Island, diminishing in amplitude until the tidal range reaches a height near o.

Arctic Archipelago The net circulation through the Arctic Archipelago is considered to be from the Arctic Ocean toward the south and east into Baffin Bay. The Physical Environment 29 Figure 4. General surface current patterns in the southeastern Beaufort Sea and Admunsen Gulf. Current measurements in the archipelago have provided data on water movements during the period from January to June (Greisman and Lake 1978; Peck 1978; Van leperen 1981). In addition, a large number of recent current measurements beneath the ice have been taken in the Northwest Passage.

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