By Stuart Woods

The compelling mystery that introduced the occupation of best-selling novelist Stuart Woods in an anniversary hardcover edition.

within the sour wintry weather of 1920, the 1st physique is located in Delano, Georgia; the bare corpse of an unidentified teen. there is not any direct proof of homicide, however the physique bears marks of what looks a ritual beating. The research falls to Will Henry Lee, a failed cotton farmer newly appointed as Delano's first leader of police. Lee's obsession with the crime starts a narrative that weaves in the course of the many years, following the lifetime of a small southern city and the function of 3 police chiefs in unraveling the crime. Chiefs is the easiest type of mystery, the place the research performs out opposed to the drama underneath the skin of a possible placid neighborhood, seething with the pressures of race, love, hate, and; consistently; political strength, extending from town fathers all of the option to Washington, DC. With a brand new foreword via the writer, this quantity should be a collector's treasure for all fanatics of Stuart Woods.

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Carrie's all ready to worry us through another crop, but I think it'd be a kind of relief to her to have done with the farm. We'd have to find a house in town, and I think she'd like fixing that up. She's really always been a town girl at heart, I think. " Holmes cleared his throat. "Well, I guess you could say it's within the realm of possibility. " The two men rose and shook hands. " He already had something in mind. The banker's brain was in high gear now. But Holmes's morning was just Ieginning.

Because of the indifference of his fellow councilmen, he was becoming, against his better judgment and considerably before his time, a Town Father. As the meeting broke up, Dr. Frank Mudter reached into an overcoat pocket and pulled out an enormous pistol. "Will Henry, I don't know if you own a gun, but this was my daddy's. " Will Henry and the others had a good laugh over the pistol. "It's an old Colt 45 Buntline, with a twelve-inch barrel. " Will Henry laughed. "Well, Dr. " He weighed the pistol in his hand.

Nay," said Idus Bray. " "The motion is passed," said Holmes. " WILL HENRY LEE stepped from his front porch with the fear and reolve of a man who has finally decided to jump from a great height into unknown waters. His historical perspective was sufficient for him to know that his descent of the five steps to the front yard was changing not just his own life, but the future of his line. Somewhere in one of the boxes stacked on the flatbed wagon was a Bible that recorded his forebears back to the year 2798, 'and now, at noon on this last day of 99, he was to be the first man of that succession to leave the land, except to go to war.

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