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Using a desktop computer, for example, he supplies data of the basic dimensions of the member and then, via a question-and-answer dialogue, supplies information to define the reinforcement detail. At all stages the information supplied by the user is checked for logical consistency, geometric compatibility and compatibility with appropriate code or standard documents. If an attempt is made to do something impossible or contrary to regulation, then the user is not permitted to proceed until the error has been rectified.

This is done by calculating a / statistic from information about the samples and comparing the result with the tabulated t values. The means, standard deviations and number of observations of the two tests are denoted by *,, X2, s,, S2, n} and S2. Calculate / = (x~} - ~x^jsp "'"WL(H)(^)] and •v 1 *" = -2 s\ the F test is a one-sided test. 2 Such tables are presented generally with one table for each specified probability and within such a single table the column headings are the values of v, (the number of degrees of freedom, «, — 1, of the smaller standard deviation estimate S 2 ).

59. The observed value does not exceed this and so there is no assertion that can be made at the 1% level. 07. The observed value exceeds this and so a result significant at the 5% level has been obtained. Thus, although there is not strong evidence there is some evidence of a real difference between batches. In an example so small as this one the necessary arithmetic (especially if properly organized) may reasonably be tackled by hand. However, as can be deduced from examination of F tables, it is not always easy to get significant results with small experiments.

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