By Charles Levenback

This totally illustrated textual content describes the concept that of sentinel lymph node detection and info a few of the mapping recommendations used and the research of the consequences.

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Anastomoses exist between corpus and cervix within the mucosal and muscular layers. The corpus uteri is drained by four well-established channels: 1) Channels draining the fundus uteri in company with the ovarian vessels, ultimately traveling to the level of the lower pole of the kidney and terminating in the aortic nodes in the vicinity of the renal and superior mesenteric arteries. 2) Channels emerging from the lateral edges of the middle and lower parts of the corpus uteri within the folds of the broad ligament, and terminating in the uppermost interiliac nodes.

3). The lymph nodes act as a filter for particulate matter, antigens, and cancer cells. 10 The lymph fluid enters the node through the afferent lymphatic channel, described earlier. The fluid first enters into the medullary sinus. Small metastases are commonly found in this area. The lymph fluid flows through the medulla and germinal centers of the lymph node before exiting out the efferent channel, which exits the node and is formed by the merger of the medullary sinuses. This efferent channel most likely becomes the afferent channel of another lymph node in the chain or basin.

15. Pelosi E, Arena V, Baudino B, et al. Preliminary study of sentinel node identification with 99mTc colloid and blue dye in patients with endometrial cancer. Tumori 2002; 88:S9–S10. 2e LYMPHATICS OF THE OVARY ATE VAN DER ZEE INTRODUCTION In contrast to the other major gynecologic malignancies, information on the lymphatics of the ovary can be obtained from only two different types of studies; first, descriptive anatomy reports in which the lymphatic anatomy is studied with or without previous injection of different types of dyes, and, second, studies on the distribution of pelvic and aortic lymph node metastases in patients with ovarian cancer who underwent pelvic and aortic lymph node evaluation.

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