By Judith P. Leavitt

Universal Dilemmas in Couple remedy addresses 4 universal difficulties that therapists face daily of their places of work – problems that go away therapists exhausted, tired, challenged, alive, racing, and on part. those dilemmas surround not just the tricky demanding situations therapists face daily, but additionally the passions and profound disappointments of human intimate partnerships. the aim of this publication isn't just to discover and provides case illustrations of those dilemmas, but additionally to provide therapists ideas to exploit and aid them comprehend and deal with their very own profound stories whereas doing this paintings.

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Beck et al. (2004) describe the passive-aggressive client as having an “interpersonally contrary style” (p. 342). Avoiders thus may resemble defensive difficult clients who also may show passive-aggressive behavior. The difference is that the defensive difficult clients’ nonaggressive side does not appear to be avoidant, but is engaging and cooperative. For example, Jake was a classic avoider. He didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. His wife Diana wanted more intimacy. As a result of her individual therapy, she had come to a point where she had refused to have sex unless they could have some intimate connection.

First, the wrong issue may be the one that the difficult partner reacts to most strongly or defensively. Seeing the strong reaction and making some guesses as to what is causing it, you may decide to slow the work. This delicate issue may be a later avenue through which to reach the difficult partner. Second, the wrong issue may provide a launching pad to approach the right issue. It may give you time to think about where to go. It may motivate the difficult client and partner to deal with the right issue because it is more productive.

These are only some examples of their inappropriate behaviors, and there are plenty more. There are times in a session when the difficult partner’s behavior speaks for itself. How can you, the therapist, highlight this? Sometimes by doing nothing as the behavior becomes evident, sometimes by being silent for a minute. ” On occasion, the other partners will sigh, roll their eyes, or tune out at that moment. You can use these behaviors to make a point to difficult partners. 34 Common Dilemmas in Couple Therapy For example, “Your partner isn’t listening anymore.

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