By L. Louis Hegedus, Leroy G. Wade

Compendium of natural artificial tools, Vols. I & II via Ian T. Harrison & Shuyen Harrison quantity I an entire one-volume compilation of natural useful team differences. contains 3000 artificial equipment offered within the type of reactions with top references. Divided into sections such as all attainable interconversions among the key practical teams: acetylene, carboxylic acid, alcohol, aldehyde, and so forth. different elements take care of the security of carboxylic acids, alcohols, aldehydes, aminos, and ketones. 1971 529 pp. quantity II provides the arrangements for all monofunctional compounds released among 1971 and 1974, plus findings of previous years to supply a necessary complement to quantity I. 1974 437 pp.

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C6H 3 ) NaOH, d i g l y m e 4 ) NaOH, H202 JOC (1975) 3 3644 T e t r L e t t (1975) 2689 790 87% COMPENDIUM OF ORGANIC SYNTHETIC METHODS VOL 3 30 SECTION 34 CH20H Ra-Ni (Cr-promoted) 88% Et3N, KOH, MeOH T e t r L e t t (1976) 4681 Me2CHOH CH20H a1 umi na CHO 82% p& + T e t r L e t t (1975) 3601 FeCl SNaH c THF CHO CH20H Chem L e t t (1976) 581 RCHO + EtgSiH H0 RCH20H JOC (1974) 3 2740 Benzaldehyde i s reduced i n preference t o acetophenone by NaBH(OAc)3. JCS Chem Comm (1975) 535 SECTION 34 L i A 1H ( 0-&- B u ) NaBH4 ALCOHOLS AND PHENOLS FROM ALDEHYDES 31 reduce benzaldehyde i n t h e presence of acetophenone, and b u t a n a l i n t h e presence of 2-butanone.

Section 85. - NHR 41 2049 3 ) AgOCOPh 4 ) O' H NHR NHR 0 il R = PhCH20C- o r 1-BuOC- II 0 Also v i a : S e c t i o n 27 B u l l Chem SOC Japan (1975) 48 2401 E s t e r s ( S e c t i o n 116) C a r b o x y l i c A c i d s f r o m Ketones 97% JCS P e r k i n I (1974)-927 20 Also via: S e c t i o n 28 COMPENDIUM OF ORGANIC SYNTHETIC METHODS VOL 3 Esters - S e c t i o n 117. SECTION 30 See a l s o r e l e v a n t D i f u n c t i o n a l Compounds. 5 83% Synthesis (1976) 457 il Ph-C-OCH2CH2Cl Co( 1)phthalocyanine r PhCOOH 66% Angew I n t Ed (1976) 3 681 Use of t h e t r i m e t h y l s i l y l group t o p r o t e c t t h e carboxyl f u n c t i o n o f penic i l l i n s u l f o x i d e s d u r i n g t h e i r conversion t o deacetoxycephalosporins.

Hegedus, Leroy Wade Copyright 0 1977 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Chapter 3 PREPARATION OF ALCOHOLS AND PHENOLS Section 31 Bu3B A l c o h o l s from A c e t y l e n e s 1 ) LiCrCH 2) aq. HC1. CH3C( Bu) 20H F A JOC (1975) 3) NaOH, H202 1) Bu2BH MeCECEt BU 2 ) MeLi f 3 ) HC1 4) 40 2845 NaOH/H2OZ 1 MeCH2C -E t 70% I OH S y n t h e s i s (1974) 339 24 SECTION 32 ALCOHOLS FROM CARBOXYLIC A C I D S S e c t i o n 32 25 A l c o h o l s from C a r b o x y l i c A c i d s 00 Bu4N BH4 PhCOCi > PhCH20H 100% JOC (1976) CH2CHCOOH Me0 * BIr NH2.

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