By Peter Fewings

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Ethical behaviour is important to the man/ women on the street as is witnessed by the outcry when there is a hint of corruption or sleaze in public leadership. Many of these ethical blunders have been associated with procurement competitiveness and with professionals who have lost public trust through not declaring conflicts of interest. They may have otherwise taken advantage of their position in business or have pretended there is a partnership of trust that has proved only beneficial to the dominant partner.

For example, love of our fellows and the acceptance that killing is wrong. This is a nonconsequentialist approach. An example of a natural law approach is the application of restricted Sunday open hours which would have emerged out of the Ten Commandments. The approach led to Kant’s rather more agnostic approach of moral law. Moral law – Kantian ethics Immanuel Kant’s approach16 was moral rather than religious. He set out a universal set of principles for ethical behaviour which he termed categorical imperatives (CI).

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