By Adam Gottlieb

Cooking with Cannabis comprises every thing from soup to nuts. The epicurean marijuana fanatic combines altered awareness with strong flavor. contains tasty recipes for boiling, baking, sauteeing, jellying, frying and seasoning psychoactive major classes, truffles and snacks. this tough to procure cult vintage is once more available.

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CANNABIS CHOCOLATE ICING If you crush a bud of freshly dried marijuana between your tingers, you may notice a chocolate-like aroma mingled aznong its fragrances. s. The like­ ness is only in our perceptions. But it is sttong enough that a high grade of aromatic grass grown in Mexico is referred to--at least in that counuy--as chocolate (pronounced cho-ko-Iah-tay). It is possible to take advantage of this curious similarity and apply it in cectain recipes such as the following: Melt 4 ounces of cannabis tar in a double boiler.

COOKING WITH CANNABIS : & Ifany murkiness rcntains in the fillered liquors, bottle them and let them stand undisturbed for about a week while the sediment settles and the liquid above it becomes clear_ Siphon the clear liquors off of the sediment. PUt these liquors in a clean mason jar with a slightly loosened cap and heat in a pan of boiling water for about 15 minutes or until the liquors warm to about IBO"F. Stir in honey until the desired sweet­ ness is attained. Pour the liquids through a funnel into a clean bottle; the taller and more slender the bottle, the better.

Unnecessary, uneconomical and unhealthy. He docs not wish to encouraa:c the carnivorous act by giving recipes which contain meat. But neither does he wish to proselytize his readers with his private opinions. Therefore, to the meat caters who usc this book he will state only that any animal rat such as lard will serve the same function as vegetable oil, butter or ghec. To those who arc even more suiel in their vege­ tarian practices than hinnclf and refrain from dairy products, he suggests that Crisco or any vegetable oil can be used in place of buner fats.

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