By David Chadwick

Shunryu Suzuki is understood to numerous readers because the writer of the fashionable religious vintage Zen brain, Beginner's brain. This such a lot influential instructor comes vividly to lifestyles in Crooked Cucumber, the 1st complete biography of any Zen grasp to be released within the West. To make up his intimate and engrossing narrative, David Chadwick attracts on Suzuki's personal phrases and the thoughts of his scholars, pals, and relations. Interspersed with formerly unpublished passages from Suzuki's talks, Crooked Cucumber inspires a down-to-earth lifetime of the spirit. in addition to Suzuki we will be able to have the opportunity to "practice with mountains, timber, and stones and to discover ourselves during this gigantic world."

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W hi ch presages entry into the path of a bodh isattva, a holy one, the path to become a spi ritu al protec ror of th is wo rld. Some people have a sli ghtly defensive reacti on w hen fi rst introdu ced to co nscious receivin g oflove: " ( am not comfortable purring so mu ch attention upon myself. I wa nt to turn my atte ntion to helping others, not to myself. " Such a reac ti on is comm on here in the W est, si nce many of us learn ed from childh ood that to be a good perso n is to think fi rst of others.

Let yo urself rely upon this love, the goodness it comes from , and the goodness it mee ts in your heart. To rely upon elus love m ore than on yo ur own defe nsive reacti ons is to find profo und refu ge. Be at ease, open, and accepting, like a puppy lyi ng in th e morning sun , passively soakin g up its rays. Absorb the soft, healin g energy of love into every cell of your body! every corner of your mind. Bathe in this, heal in (his, rest in this. Makransky, John (Author). Awakening Through Love : Unveiling Your Deepest Goodness.

Kh enpo's tradition is called "Dzogchen," /latl/ral great peifectioll, because when our innate, pure awareness co mes to self-recognition, all aspects of experience are simultaneo usly recogni zed as esse ntially pu re and perfect from the beginning. Through that recognition, the innate capaciti es and energies of a buddha, previously hidden in our minds, are freed CO manifest spontaneously. Because such capacities abide in th e very nature of our minds, even now, they arc said to comprise our bllddha lIatlfre.

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