By Sister M.M. Hurst, T.H. McArthur

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Some pressu re gauges work on this principle. In other words, the crystal will change the energy of motion that you supply throug h the hamm er into electrical energy. You might guess that the reverse change could also take place and it does: if you put a voltage across the crystal it becomes distort ed. The effect is very small but it can be made very useful. When you have learnt more about electric charges you will be able to think out why these exchanges occur. 48 - CRYSTALS FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW CRYSTAL WIRELESS SETS Early wireless receivers were often called 'eat's whisker sets.

If you find broken metal, examine the broken surfaces for crystals. They are also visible on a galvanised tank, bucket or dustbin. These are crystals of the zinc with which the iron has been coated to protect it from rust. The insides of cans that have held tinned fruit or vegetables also show crystals. You may be lucky in the bathroom too: bath salts, Epsom-salt, or Glauber's salt may be there. You could try growing these, as you grew an alum crystal. 43 CRYSTALS FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW MAN-MADE CRYSTALS Attempts to make artificial materials to replace natural ones have been going on for a very long time.

48 - CRYSTALS FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW CRYSTAL WIRELESS SETS Early wireless receivers were often called 'eat's whisker sets. The eat's whisker was a fine wire which just touched a crystal of galena, which is lead sulphide. If this contact were carefully adjusted, it could just manage to pick up a weak signal from an aerial and convert it into a current in an earphone. It was a very doubtful mechanism, and needed much twiddling and patience. So people were very glad when radio valves were invented to do the job more efficiently and reliably.

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Crystals (Longman Physics Topics) by Sister M.M. Hurst, T.H. McArthur
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