By Vadim A. Soloshonok, Koichi Mikami, Takashi Yamazaki, John T. Welch, John Honek

content material: Trifluoromethylatlon of steel enolates and theoretical instruction / Koichi Mikami and Yoshimitsu Itoh --
Syntheses of organofluorine derivatives by way of a brand new radical approach / Samir Z. Zard --
a topic of synthesis method: to make or quite to remodel organofluorine compounds / Manfred Schlosser, Qian Wang and Fabrice Cottet --
Nitrogen-containing organofluorine compounds via metathesis reactions / Santos Fustero ... [et al.] --
hugely diastereoselective anodic fluorination / Toshio Fuchigami and Toshiki Tajima --
A stereospecific access to functionalized cis-1,2-difluoroalkenes / Anilkumar Raghavanpillai and Donald J. Burton --
Stereoselective synthesis of polyfluorinated exo-tricyclononenes and norbonenes / Viacheslav A. Petrov --
Catalytic in-situ new release of trifluoroacetaldehyde from its hemiacetal and successive direct aldol response with ketones / Kazumasa Funabiki and Masaki Matsui --
Cationic cyclizations of fluoro alkenes: fluorine as a controller and an activator / Junji Ichikawa --
A hydro-fluoro hybrid compound, hermaphrodite, is fluorophilic or fluorophobic?: a brand new notion for the fluorine-based crystal engineering / T. Ono ... [et al.] --
Fluorous nanoflow microreactor: nanoflow microreactor with fluorous lanthanide catalysts for elevate in reactivity and selectivity / Koichi Mikami and Takayuki Tonoi --
Fluorous chemistry for synthesis and purification of biomolecules: peptides, oligasaccharides, glycopeptides, and oligonucleotides / Wei Zhang --
useful compounds in accordance with hypervalent sulfur fluorides / Peer Kirsch and Gerd-Volker Röschenthaler --
Synthesis of macrolactam marine traditional items utilizing fluorous preserving teams / Yutaka Nakamura and Seiji Takeuchi --
Carbohydrate microarrays and fluorous-phase synthesis: interfacing fluorous-phase faucet with the direct formation of glycoarrays / Nicola L. Pohl --
Fluorous carboxylates as priceless steel ligands for catalysts-products restoration approaches and sensing / Mounir El Bakkari and Jean-Marc Vincent --
Organofluorine chemistry on the biomedical interface: a case learn on fluoro-taxoid anticancer brokers / Iwao Ojima, Larissa V. Kuznetsova and Liang sunlight --
Synthesis of gem-difluoromethylated sugar nucleosides / Feng-Ling Qing and Xiao-Long Qiu --
Polyfluoropyridyl glycosyl donors / Christopher A. Hargreaves, Graham Sandford and Benjamin G. Davis --
New 10-trifluoromethyl monomers, dimers, and chimeras of artemisinin from a key allyl bromide precursor / Danièle Bonnet-Delpon ... [et al.] --
Synthesis of novel gem-difluorinatedcyclopropane hybrids: functions for fabric and medicinal sciences / Toshiyuki Itoh --
The synthesis of an antiviral fluorinated purine nucleoside : 3'-(alpha)-fluoro-2', 3'-dideoxyguanosine / Kunisuke Izawa ... [et al.] --
Solvent-peptide interactions in fluoroalcohol-water combos / C. Chatterjee, G. Hovagimyan and J.T. Gerig --
Fluorinated methionines as probes in organic chemistry / John F. Honek --
Synthesis and conformational research of fluorine-containing oligopeptides / Takashi Yamazaki, Takamasa Kitamoto and Shunsuke Marubayashi --
Fluorinated inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases / Fiorenza Viani ... [et al.] --
utilizing fluorinated amino acids for constitution research of membrane-active peptides by way of solid-state (superscript 19)F-NMR / Parvesh Wadhwani ... [et al.] --
uneven synthesis of (beta)-trifluoromethylated (beta)-amiao carbonyl compounds in line with the 1,2-addition to trifluoroacetaldehyde SAMP- or RAMP-hydrazones / Kazumasa Funabiki ... [et al.] --
a singular approach for the synthesis of trifluoroalanine oligopeptides / Kenji Uneyama ... [et al.] --
Hyperstable collagen in response to 4-fluoroproline residues / Ronald T. Raines --
Fluorinated amino acids and reagents in protein layout and biomolecule separation / He Meng, Venkateshwarlu Kalsani and Krishna Kumar.

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Synthesis of trifluoromethyl ketones. A simple trifluoromethyl group can be introduced via the corresponding xanthate. Such xanthates, however, and not surprisingly, cannot be made by a simple nucleophilic substitution on a trifluoromethyl halide, as in the case of the previous derivatives. A n indirect route via the decarbonylation of the 5trifluoroacyl xanthate 17 was devised to overcome this problem (8). A "heavier" xanthate was employed to aid in handling the intermediates and to avoid having to manipulate a potentially volatile reagent.

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