By H. Wigzell, P. Häyry (auth.), W. Arber, R. Haas, W. Henle, P. H. Hofschneider, J. H. Humphrey, N. K. Jerne, P. Koldovský, H. Koprowski, O. Maaløe, R. Rott, H. G. Schweiger, M. Sela, L. Syruček, P. K. Vogt, E. Wecker (eds.)

Prominent growth in molecular biology used to be basically made whilst it turned attainable to split functionally special molecules by way of benefiting from their biophysical homes. Likewise, the research of the capabilities of heterosexual­ geneous populations of immunocompetent cells, as to the sensible houses in their numerous subpopulations, can't be performed till those will be remoted in kind of natural shape via selective fractionation. over the past few years major advances were made during this box, and cells were separated in accordance with measurement, density or cost (MILLER et aI. , 1969; SHORTMAN, 1968; ANDERSSON, 1973 c), or by means of profiting from extra particular floor markers to permit selective depletion or enrichment of a given subpopulation of cells (WIGZELL and ANDERSSON, 1971). even supposing separation thoughts were utilized in a number of mobile structures, they've been rather invaluable within the examine of reticuloendothelial cells and basically within the learn of cells partici­ pating within the immune responses. particularly large reports were written which good hide the equipment used for separation of cells and the implications got with many of the techniques (WIGZELL and ANDERSSON, 1971; SHORTMAN, 1972). to study this paintings is changing into a a growing number of voluminous activity. As facts speedily collect, we can't attempt to make this type of whole review.

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Evidence that macrophages und granulocytes can function as aggressors can be found elsewhere (PERLMANN and HOLM, 1969; CEROTTINI and BRUNNER, 1973). We have scrutinized the evidence of autonomy of T lymphocytes (as compared to other lymphoid cells) Specific Fractionation of Immunocompetent Cells 35 to become activated in MLC for CML, and our conclusion is quite emphatic: The T lymphocytes in a highly purified form can become induced into DNA synthesis in MLC as well as express in the end cytolytic capacity without any requirement of other lymphoid cells during any of these stages.

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