By Erem Bilensoy

Cyclodextrins in Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, and Biomedicine covers a variety of wisdom on cyclodextrins, from an summary of molecular and supramolecular features of cyclodextrin physicochemistry, to the most recent results in cyclodextrin use and destiny chances within the employment of those platforms. This ebook specializes in the derivatives and physicochemical and organic homes of cyclodextrins, and considers drug supply via topical, mucosal, and oral through cyclodextrin complexes.

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Cyclodextrin complexes: chiral recognition and complexation behavior. Curr. Drug Discov. , 4, 282–294. 8. , Masson, M. (2003). The effects of organic salts on the cyclodextrin solubilization of drugs. Int. J. , 262, 101–107. 9. H. (2002). Study of the supramolecular inclusion of b-cyclodextrin with andrographolide. J. Inclusion Phenom. , 43, 259–264. 10. F. (2002). Self-association and cyclodextrin solubilization of drugs. J. Pharm. , 91, 2307–2316. 11. H. (2002). Cyclodextrins and drug permeability through semi-permeable cellophane membranes.

They are based on the search for a correlation between experimentally determined equilibrium constants of the complexes and some important theoretically evaluated parameters describing the inclusion process, such as the docking energy (gain of potential energy as a consequence of the inclusion), the host–guest contact surfaces (related to the hydrophobic interactions), and the intermolecular interaction fields (related to the hydrophilicity and lipohilicity of the interacting molecules) [87]. It must be emphasized that this method has only a predictive value, which could be useful in preformulation studies to select the best CD to use.

A hollow pattern is characteristic of amorphous products [27]. The relative degree of crystallinity can be calculated as the ratio of the peak height of the sample under investigation to that of the same angle for the reference with the highest intensity [24, 25, 27]. The different cyclodextrins do not exhibit the same crystallinity: b-CD and DM-b-CD are rather crystalline, whereas M-b-CD (Crysmeb), SBE-b-CD, and HP-b-CD exhibit an amorphous character. Diffractograms of physical mixtures result from a combination of the diffractograms of the components analyzed separately.

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