By Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

. no dw, 2003, 938pp

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Aum. bhâshya The world’s billion Hindus, one-sixth of the human family, are organized in four main denominations, each distinguished by its Supreme Deity. For Vaish∫avites, Lord Vish∫u is God. For Íaivites, God is Íiva. For Íâktas, Goddess Íakti is supreme. For Smârtas, liberal Hindus, the choice of Deity is left to the devotee. Each has a multitude of guru lineages, religious leaders, priesthoods, sacred literature, monastic communities, schools, pilgrimage centers and tens of thousands of temples.

All Mahâdevas, minor Gods, devas and sentient beings must worship Ga∫eßa before any responsible act could hope to be successful. Those who do not are subject to their own barriers. Yea, worship of Him sets the pattern of one’s destiny. ” Aum Nama˙ Íivâya. 28 UPANISHAD 2: GOD AND THE GODS What Is Lord Ga∫eßa’s Special Duty? ßloka 23 As Lord of Obstacles, Ga∫eßa wields the noose and the goad, icons of His benevolent power of preventing or permitting events to happen in our life. Thus, we invoke His grace and wisdom before any worship or task.

Bhâshya Just as children are kept from knowing all about adult life until they have matured into understanding, so too is the soul’s knowledge limited. We learn what we need to know, and we understand what we have experienced. Only this narrowing of our awareness, coupled with a sense of individualized ego, allows us to look upon the world and our part in it from a practical, human point of view. Pâßa is the soul’s triple bondage: mâyâ, karma and â∫ava. Without the world of mâyâ, the soul could not evolve through experience.

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